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JOANPER, work, advance and a constant renovation of our manufacturing processes.
The study of new products, research and developement are the right answers to market requirements. The trust that JOANPER places upon quality since its foundation together with the will of its team, highly experienced and qualified, and the constant ambition modernization make the basis of the progressive grouth of the company.

JOANPER ARTISAN QUALITY is a synonym of the perfect manufacture of its ranges of products, its materials and components, rigorously examined by our quality control department, demanding the most from them.

The recent buying of industrial premises in the Les Guixeres area has made it possible for us to duplicate the available space for our production lines, having access to a wide stock of our articles, so giving an immediate answer to the demands of our customers, unavoidable condition for the total trust that they place on us.

The design of our products comes to its climax with the creation of a new range of furniture accessories and the presentation of stainless steel knobs and handles , having beauty and quality, distinct by their straight lines and their different depths, which give them the possibility of combine different atmospheres in the same room.

JOANPER considers essential the responsibility for the quality of its products as well as the immediate response to any suggestion from our customers, either about our standard products or about the especial metalwork projects, such as the reproduction of out-of-catalog artistic cranks or their restoration resulting in a totally artisan finish..
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